Friday, October 2, 2009

The Destroyer

My fingers tingle with deeds unspoken. My palms are blistered, yet comforting. My footprint, on this earth, on this land which I have made my home, shall be hard and unforgiving. The landscape that fronts my abode, that lies with weed and discarded stone shall be further torn asunder.

Front driveways, I come for you, armed with fencing post and 12 pound sledge. You have served your masters well, this past 40 years, but cycle must continue, and for this master, the cycle waxes destruction.

Um, ok. Enough with the melodramatics.

Between now and the start of next year, there are a few projects to complete around the house. A new driveway, a carport, some fencing and retaining wall that will probably come to about 30 metres long.

This weekend, I'm ripping up what I can of the existing front driveways, and will be making a start on the trench that will hold the bed of foundation for the retaining wall.

I've really got to get myself some proper leather gloves. The MTB gloves are getting torn to shreds, and dont really help when I'm driving the fencing post into the ground to lift the concrete of the old primary driveway.