Monday, November 9, 2009

We're Adopting

We're now into our second week of looking after a cockatiel that is recovering from surgery, after being attacked by something.

Sometime at the end of last week, we made the decision. If she passes her medical check with the vet this Saturday, we will be adopting her.

Previously named Jodie Bon Jovi by the RSPCA staff, she is now known as Missy Moo, or just Missy.

She's still quite attached to me, though we're working on that. It's not that she dislikes Annika, it's just that given the choice, she will leave Annikas' place on the couch and waddle across the couch, floor and fly short distances to be on my shoulder. As a type, I have the door closed to my study, and Annika is spending quality time with her highness in front of the teev.

We'll see how things go, but we may end up getting Missy a friend so she's not so lonely during the day. Annika is hoping to get a cockatiel that likes her better than me, but I'm not sure how that's going to go. If the birds spend all day together, and actually like each other, they may also hang around together outside the cage. And if Missy is the dominant bird of the pair, that could result in both of them sharing my shoulders.

Now, as for the kitten and puupy situation. We're not going to have the fences done early enough in the new year for the puppy, so Annika has taken her name off the waiting list. And we've heard that if you get a kitten early enough, you can train it not to go after the birds. With Missy around, a kitty cat may not be possible.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wall Building and Bird Sitting

This weekend, for the next two weeks, it's all about wall building and bird sitting.

The wall building is fairly mundane. Two weeks ago, I commenced building a retaining wall down the side of the house with some very generous help from my brother-in-law. We got the footings in then, and a few starter block laid. This weekend, I've managed to get the first layer of the first two levels down. There are about 5 levels in all.

The bird sitting is a lot more exciting. Annika has been doing volunteer work for the RSPCA for the last few weeks. Late last week, she put her hand up to foster a cockatiel for a couple of weeks. The cockatiel, dubbed Jodie Bon Jovi, was bought in for surgery after being found, ravaged by something. Jody has a few stitches in her chest, but she seems to be recovering well. Much to Annikas' dismay, I seem to be the favourite roost.

Jodie doesn't say much, but she's very tame, loves human contact, and loves having her neck rubbed.

Best of all, I get to do pirate impersonations. Gar!

I think we're both going to miss her when she has to go back. If it wasn't for the puppy and kitten that we're going to get next year, she'd be a welcome addition to the family unit.