Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello, Mister Seven. Part 2

Well, Windows 7 64-bit is finally installed, but not without some frustration.  I should point out from the get go, that this is a Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade from Windows Vista 32bit Ultimate OEM.

The story unfolds in point form:
  • Get home from tae kwon do.
  • Install 8GB of new RAM.
  • Install new 1TB SATA HDD, making sure it's level in the case.
  • Scramble in my box of old computer shit for a SATA data cable.
  • Unplug the old SATA disk, and plug the new one as primary.
  • Start the machine.
  • Put the Win7 64bit disk in the DVD tray.
  • Kick off the Windows 7 install, via a Custom Install (so far, so good).
  • Enter a username, enter a password, enter a Product Key
  • Invalid Product Key.
WTF?  Why the face?  Why the FACE!?  Because WHAT THE FUCK!?  I got very shirty very quickly.  I tried my local IT expert (my girlfriend).  I tried her local IT export (ex-co worker). I tried the internet.  There's alot of shitty information out there about upgrading from Vista 32bit to Win7 64bit.

Here's what I ended up doing, but you can probably cut straight to the bit that actually works.  I plugged the original HDD in as the primary, and the new one as the secondary.  I downloaded and ran the MS Upgrade Advisor, which told me that my install was good to upgrade to 64bit, though it would require a custom install, as I had already done.  I then googled for "win7 product key invalid", and found a tidbit that mentioned the upgrade product key would be recognised as invalid if it could not find an older version.  It also said if you needed to reinstall Win7 at anytime, you would need to reinstall the original product you upgraded from, and then do the Win7 upgrade.  God help you, if you're not upgrading to a new HDD.

Anyway, I shutdown and swapped the SATA connections so my new HDD was the primary and my old one was the secondary.  I figured that perhaps the Windows Anytime Upgrade software on the install disks might scan the other HDD and recognise the old Vista installation.  Approx 20-30min later, I was back to putting my product key in, and away it went.  Yay!

The one thing I was pleasantly surprised with was that only a couple of Windows updates were required (well, 5 downloads to be precise), it it looks like it has also install the NVIDIA control panel for me.  I downloaded the latest version, just to be sure.

Tomorrow night, I will tackle installing things like WoW, the Curse Client, Steam and a bunch of other convenience stuff.

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