Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blizzard maintenance still blows

Tuesday night. Date night. So called, because it's the one night of the week where WoW servers go down for maintenance, and I can spend some quality time with my better half. That is, until she goes to bed, or I have one of those sleep deprivation catch up moments where I can't keep my eye open past 9:30pm.

Assuming I haven't just fallen asleep, I tottle off to the computer and play... something else. Because WoW is down for maintenance.

Well, I thought StarCraft II might change that a little. I thought it would give me the option of another quality Blizzard game that I could play when WoW servers are down.

But not tonight. Even though I just want to play the single player campaign, or even a couple of matches against the A.I., I can't because SCII requires signing into Battle.net. And even though I'm located in the South East Asia (SEA) region of Battle.net, which is unable to communicate with the Americas & Oceanic region of Battle.net (for cross game Real ID chatting, as most Americans get to experience), the SEA Battle.net servers have also been taken down for maintenance during peak play time for the SEA region.

Makes me wonder if there really is a physical SEA Battle.net server hosted locally to this region, or if they plonked it in L.A. or Hawaii to get it as close to the region as possible without having to invest in any infrastructure outside of the U.S.A.

Maybe I'll be looking forward to Guild Wars 2 for my WoW downtime play. A second MMO where all you pay is the price of the game, without the "what's the catch?" feel of a Free 2 Play/Try is looking to be my idea of a tasty cuppa. That, or Portal 2, whenever that gets released.

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