Saturday, September 4, 2010

Like a no-ob, tweeted for the very first time...

Sometime last week, I signed up for a Twitter account. Twitter's been around for so long, but I've been slow to adopt. And truth be told, I'm likely to be seldom to use. I wasn't really sure what would make me tweet, why I would tweet or even when I would tweet. But events conspired against me today, and I finally realized what it(Twitter) was for.

I've got several social networking gizmos floating around the net. I've got three blogs, which with a different purpose. I've got Facebook, which I use for friends news. Stuff posted to FB has either come from my public blogs, or is something for friends. I've got Google Buzz, which is good for stuff shared by friends on Twitter, Flickr, blogs (mine specifically), reshared by Google Reader, or even just original content. Even though Buzz is a free app with the Google domain, usually the only people to notice Buzz are those who have opted in to it, and have it as an option in their Gmail.

In summary, Facebook is for friends, Buzz is for Buzz friends, blogs are for everyone, and Twitter is for everyone in 140 characters or less at a time.

Now I must change the topic a little, and talk about today. Today started out good. I got up, had a shower, had a bit of breaky and greeted the day at about 10am or so. The greeting started with a mowing of the lawn. It's in various states of repair, and the new lawn, which has been sown by hand, was looking like it needed it's first mow. There was also alot of leaves on it that were starting to cover the bits of dirt that were struggling to spring forth with the grass, so I thought a bit ow mowing with the mulcher would break up those leaves and promote a bit of growth.

After the mowing, I hauled the garden bag to the front of the yard. It was getting a bit full, and is due to be picked up sometime in the next two weeks. I'd gone a bit nuts with pulling weeds out of the lawn from the previous week.

Then there was a mattress to cover and move into storage under the house.

And finally, a scrubbing of the front deck in preparation for an oiling. It's actually a bit more involved than a standard scrubbing. First, there's the nail punching, then the sanding, then the hot water and soap scrub, then the hosing, then the nasty chemical scrub for that deep clean and another hosing. Whilst doing this, I noticed that some of the support timbers had rotted, and would need replacing sometime in the next year. I knew it would happen sometime, since the building inspector told me as much when we bought the place, I just didn't think it would be this soon. Folks, don't use pine for support timbers on a deck that is exposed to the elements. Use hardwood, or something that won't rot.

Anyway, by the time that was all done, it was time to go to Neeks folks place to help lift pavers in their front driveway. It was going to be a bit of a long afternoon thing, so we packed Moo Moo (or Missy Moo Moo, as she is formally known as) in her travel cage, packed an old wooden pallet and wheel barrow in the borrowed trailer, and hooked that up to the car (the trailer, that is: Moo Moo gets the front seat, with Neek).

So we're driving along, and just before we hit the Captain Cook bridge, I notice possible flapping of the rope holding the wheel barrow down in the trailer. Oh crap. A quick exit at Stanley Street, and bit of an adjustment later, we're back on the free way.

It was a pretty nice day out, and Riverfest was on with the jet planes planning to do their last low fly over and after burn thing that evening. The freeway had a bit of traffic but nothing too busy. Just the usual unexplained slowing of traffic up ahead.

Then just as I was approaching the exit for the Inner City Bypass at the start of Coronation Drive, the car starts to shudder, and it feels like the trailer is jumping around. Bloody hell, what now? I'm thinking I've got a flat, but I just can't stop. So I take the Little Cribb Street exit, and pull over to check out the suspected flat.

Well, no flat. All tires seemed to be quite inflated. So what the hell happened? Then I see it. A swath of metal mesh jutting out of one of the trailer wheels. Oh, bloody joy. The tire was totally cactus. Well, no problems. I'll just swap it with the spare from my car. Jack comes out, nuts are loosened, trailer lifted, wheel off, wheel on. I said, wheel on. Oh bugger, the wheel won't go on. My car has wheels with four bolts, the trailer has wheels with five. Bollocks.

So phone calls are made. I mentioned earlier that the trailer was borrowed. It was borrowed from Annikas parents. We were heading there anyway, so they get the first phone call. They've got a car with a five bolt wheel. Yay! Neeks' sister is on the way with the spare wheel. It's now about 2pm. We left home around 1:30pm. It's going to be about 25min before Catherine arrives, so Neek wanders around to the local fast food joint to use the facilities, and to see if the petrol station there has any tire options, just in case.

So I finally figure out what Twitter is for. It's for saying something that everyone, or no one, will read. Since I hadn't tweeted yet, the only people to read it would be those following me on Buzz. Maybe I'll hook Facebook into Twitter some other day. It was supposed to read something like "Busted trailer tire. Saturday arvos on Little Cribb St are tops." Thanks to the auto spelling on iPhone, it came out slightly different. So there it was, my first tweet on the Twitter, complete with spelling mistakes. Awesome. There was a follow up. Moo Moo was happily preening in her cage, on the front seat with the window down, while I stood outside. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but I could tell it was happy chats.

That's about all the energy I have for completing this blog post, but I'll try and cover the rest in as few words as I can.

Moo Moo gets seed stick. Neek returns with fries and hand feeds YT, who has dirty hands. Catherine arrives.

Tire fail, it's too wide for the trailer. I call RACQ. Cathy calls 24 hour tire place. RACQ can only do a tire service, so I tell them I'll call back if the 24 hour tire guy can't help. Neek looks up her car on the internet to check tire specification. Its 175SR14, just like the trailer tires. Awesome.

Neek and Catherine head back to ours to get the spare. Get phone call from Neeks Dad, and update on options of Neeks spare, 24 hour tire guy who will call back soon and tow option.

Tire fail number two. Neeks car only had four wheel bolts too. Neek and Catherine hit Google. Neek and Catherine drive to local Kmart Tire and Auto that's open 'til 4pm. It's currently 3:44pm.

Tire fail number three. They don't sell wheel hubs, and need the rim, which is inconvenient located in the trailer at my location. Neek and Catherine drive back to me. Neeks dad is on his way to investigate the situation, and considers driving with the bung tire. I get call from 24 hour tire guy, who doesn't have anything new in that size on a Saturday afternoon. I'm pretty chuffed he called back, and since I missed his call, I decided to call back and thank him.

Neek and Catherine arrive. Keith (Neeks dad) arrives. Keith surveys that damage of the tire, and it doesn't take much to convince him that driving with that thing would be a danger to everyone. Miltary choppers fly overhead. Must be prep'ing for Riverfest.

Neek organises tow with RACQ. Neek and Catherine stay with the trailer and Keiths car, to accompany RACQ tow guy back to our place. Keith takes Catherines car back to his. I follow in mine, and a wrong turn somewhere along the way, and finally get to help with lifting pavers until it's too dark to tell the good pavers from the bad. RACQ tow guy turns up in record time, and Neek and Catherine finally arrive just after dark.

Shower. Dinner. Skullfck joke on Facebook via iPhone. Drive home. Put Neek to bed. Blog.

And now it's time for a bit of WoW.

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