Thursday, October 28, 2010

Euro Holiday : Day Two : London, again

A much more pleasant day for day two. A balmy 14 degrees and some rain to start off, and a continental breakfast that made you glad there's a five pound, all day breakfast joint just a few doors down.

The Tower of London was the first on the list, thanks to the recommendations of friends at dinner, last night. The sun made a surprise guest appearance and stuck around for an encore, than invited everyone to the all afternoon after party. Awesome!

The afternoon was mostly spent lining up for the London Eye, but it could have been worse. We could have been stuck behind those noisy French kids who seemed to think everyone would enjoy their raucous shouting and impromptu dancing. And it could have been raining.

We've lasted until 4 pm today, before heading back for a little rest and prep, before heading out to Soho this evening for either a comedy show or a Chinese meal (hmm, aromatic duck, baby!).

Tomorrow, our mission is to make it to Rome. It will be an early start, but at least the flight will be shortish, and we'll have a mini cab booked to get us to Heathrow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Euro Holiday: Day One

Finally showered after walking around a very wet London since we dumped our bags at the accommodation at 8:30 am. We had touched down at Terminal 3 at 5:30 am *yawn*.

The plastic bits in my backpack had perished since the last time I hoisted it on to my back. I think that might have been at Vanuatu at the start of this year. For an eleven year old pack, it's had a good life but it won't make it back to Australia with me. Cheers, Kathmandu, for the nice discount on the pack.

It's very strange to be back. After five years of being away, little things flit back. Like bus numbers.

So tempting to nap before heading out to dinner with/at friends.

Maybe I'll succumb for a little while. It's 4:12 pm, which is more like 2 am, Brisbane time. There's only so much that shitty eight hours of broken sleep is going to do to get you aligned.