Monday, November 1, 2010

Euro Side Notes

Euro Side Notes shall be a collection of short tails that have happened, but haven't made it into the main blog stories for that day.

At the moment, we're waiting at Terminal 5 (Heathrow) for our flight to Rome. We had to get up at 5am, to catch a mini cab at 5:30, to get us to the airport 2 hours before our 9:10 flight. Check-in procedures at Heathrow are really bloody efficient, such that we've been waiting for our gate announcement since 6:45. Oh well. Security checks are still on the stupid scale, with Annika having to remove her boots and jacket, and jump on a small box to be scanned.

Today, I left my faith Macpac of 11 years at the Euro Lodge. On our first day of arriving, the plastic that holds the main straps to the light aluminum frame broke. I guess it happened as a result of exposure to the corrosive salt of Vanuatu. Anyway, that was enough to spur me to get a new one. It's a bit of a pity because just about everything else about the pack was still good. One of the zips needed a minor repair.

So on our first day, trying to stay awake until we could check in at our accommodation, we went for a wander to Oxford Circus and the surrounding area. After visiting the British Museum to see the Egyptian exhibit, we went back to a Kathmandu we had spotted earlier.

From there I picked up a nice 75L pack. The day pack isn't as good as my previous one, but being able to hold a bit less, it ought to be lighter. Doh! I've actually kept the older day pack, but packed it in my main pack. That will be getting swapped over when we get to Rome. Just another 15min until the gate is announced.

The airport has a couple of apparent free wi-fi networks, but neitherseem to work. So in the mean time, I'm writing my blog entries to the Notes app on my iPhone, and will email them on when I can get a connection.

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