Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Euro Trip : Good day for ducks

Our first full day in Venice started wet. It's a bit of an interesting thing, over in the Dorsoduro district. We're actually staying near the border of that district, in the Castello area. When you pass over into Dorsoduro, the combination of rain, high tide and wind mean that the place goes under water, especially around the Piazza San Marco. We had started doing a walking tour of the area, with the help of the Lonely Planet guide book for Italy, and had got just a few hundred meters past the piazza, when we decided to back track and pick up some gumboots we had seen, going for €15 each. Most vendors had them going for €20.

So back to the hotel we went, dropped our shoes, and started again, with the comfort of dry feet.

The walking tour was a showcase of churches and historically significant buildings, but since all we had was the route transposed on to a tourist map (with street names!), it was nice to just follow the walk ways and see the sights without getting too lost. And even if you did get lost, there are always signs for San Marco, the Rialto, Piazzale Roma and the Ferrovia.

Time certainly does pass quickly on one of these walks. After our false start, it was already 10am. We ended up at the termini at about noon, to make use of the guaranteed, but pay for use WC. It was about 1pm when we seriously considered getting something to eat, and 2:30pm before we actually did.

Venice really is quite pretty, and easy to spend the whole day wandering around, getting lost. For a cheap stay, I'd recommend off peak, two nights and be prepared to buy gumboots. You could probably spend another couple of days actually going into those old buildings, seeing glass being blown, and taking a gondola ride when the afternoon warms up.

Tomorrow is the transit day to Munich. Hoping Travellex pull their finger out with the transfer I made last Thursday, so I can get some clean socks when we get there.

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