Saturday, November 6, 2010

Euro Trip : Leaving Napoli

It's been a few days since we left the sanitary disaster that was Napoli. Something that I failed to mention in previous posts was that Napoli was a mess because the local government could not come up with a good waste management plan, and was prone to using whole towns as the dumping site. Somehow, the mafia is involved as well.

Anyway, next stop was Firenze, or Florence, as it is printed on English maps. Firenze is a big change from Napoli. Streets are clean, walls are relatively graffiti free, and the place is packed with tourists, trying to navigate to the next sight seeing spot.

It's a pity we only had one afternoon and one night to explore. Then again, there's only so much looking at old buildings you can do. Ruins hold much more interest for me.

We made the most of the day with a walk to most of the major local sites. We missed out on the palace gardens, though. One hour is not enough for the ticket sellers to make it seem worth your while.

That night, we had a wonderful fancy meal at the Osteria Pepo, on Rosina. If you get enough meat eaters together, you may want to try the beef steak Florentine style. At a minimum purchase of 1kg, and sold by the 100gm chunk, you'll want at least two people who don't mind their meat still mooing at them. Failing that, the fillet with green pepper sauce (the non capsicum variety) will do the trick, or the thin slices with parmesan and rocket.

The late afternoon markets are pretty exciting. I tend to skip markets, but the goods seemed pretty good, with lots of leather and wool goods actually made in Italy. There's also a movement to prevent the sales of cheap knock offs, so whatever you buy will be genuine something.

The next day, tragedy.

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