Monday, November 1, 2010

Euro Trip : Napoli (first impressions)

I have to place a lot of caveats on this impression, since we've only been here for two hours and fifteen minutes. It's Sunday afternoon, most shops are closed, except for a few eating places. The streets are lined with hawkers selling bags, shoes, shirts and belts. Where there is nothing being sold, there is rubbish. Large skips, overflowing with rubbish. Maybe it's because it is the end of the week. Maybe all this stuff gets cleaned up on Monday.

The piazza Garibaldi, outside of the main terminal, is a construction zone. After checking in, we went for a little two hour walk to the Duomo. The piazza Nicola Amore, along the way, also a construction zone.

We haven't been down to the water front yet. I'm not holding my hope.

My first impressions of Napoli: a bit of a shit hole.

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