Monday, November 1, 2010

Euro Trip : Rome'd Out

Today is the second full day in Rome, and thankfully, the last. I'm Rome'd out. We both are.

Yesterday was the Colosseum and Palatine Hill via a very good tour Dark Rome via ViaTour), and today was the crypts via the same group. Those were the official tours.

The unofficial tours were the stretch of road between the Termini and the Colosseum, twice (morning tour was moved to the afternoon due to strike action); a glimpse of Vatican City (Saturday morning is not an ideal time to visit due to hordes of children); the Trevi fountain and the queue to activate our Eurorail passes and reserve seating for our journeys through Italy (keep a spare hour or two up your sleeve for that one).

This may all sound very negative, but you have to look hard for the silver lining. I guess Rome is a big city. It's guided chaos and attracts tourists, pilgrims, and those that prey on those types. It's hard to find a nice quiet spot to eat a cafe bought panini that doesn't smell of piss.

However, the people are friendly for the most part, and the Hotel Kennedy ( where we are staying) is very nice, especially since it is in the heart of the tourist zone.

Tonight we had a sit down meal at one of the local trattoria. Sure, it was a little touristy, but the servings were generous and we didn't feel as though we were gouged when we got our €40 bill. The guided tours were really good. There's so much more to learn from a guided tour than you would get from wandering around yourself, or even one of those phone tours. Our crypt tour took us to two places we weren't even expecting to go.

Tomorrow, we're off to Napoli. I think it's going to be nicer than Rome. Mostly that's down to the accommodation being very close to the train station, and our Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius tour picking us up from the hotel.

Updated for formatting and Dark Rome link, and I was dead wrong about Napoli - 25/11/2010

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