Saturday, November 6, 2010

Euro Trip : Thieving Bastards

On the morning of leaving Florence for Pisa, and then the Cinque Terre, I did a quick funds check to see how much we had left on our Travellex card. When I logged into my Internet banking account, I noticed $9000 in charges that we weren't expecting.

It would seem that from the day we flew out of Australia, persons unknown had decided to use our credit card details to book flights and accommodation throughout the UK and Europe. A short call to the credit card services and we got our cards cancelled. They did offer to send an emergency card to us, but because we're on the move, we declined.

The Travellex is enough for Euros, we can just make sure we have enough cash when we get back into London. All that remains is for me to contact the fraud department when we get back to Australia, and we can go through which transactions are legit, and which are bogus. We should also have replacement cards waiting for us when we get there, so we can re- establish standing orders, like mobiles, Internet, private health insurance, charities, etc. We'll do a few spot checks for bills online when we get to some place where we feel a bit safer letting our minds wander into the websphere, without having to be too mindful of our immediate surroundings. Even as I write this, traveling on the train from La Spezia to Pisa, I keep a watchful eye on people wandering the carriages.

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