Monday, November 8, 2010

Euro Trip : Via per Venezia

Today was our transit day from Cinque Terre to Venice. I think it's the most trains I've ever caught in one day. Riomaggiore to La Spezia, then to Pisa, then to Florence, then to Venice. The day started a bit cloudy, but we didn't get steady rain until getting to Venice.

The first bit of fun was finding our hotel. First, the was the ferry service to catch to S. Zaccaria, which is kinda not sensible walking distance from the termini, with packs. Next we realized that the printed Google map, and the little tourist map were very sparse on street names. And Venice had many many streets, none of which are easy to remember, or get to. A GPS would be very handy. We finally made it to our hotel, just as the light had been replaced by darkness.

After dumping our bags, and checking emails we headed out for a quick wander to see if we could find the efficient route to the hotel that we should have taken in the first place, and to grab a bite to eat.

Being on the move all the time is starting to take its toll. I'm thinking about wearing this T- shirt again, for the second day, and I'm looking forward to Munich, in two days time, where I can pick up another pair of walking socks (or two).

I guess we're at the hump of our holidays now. In two Sundays time, we'll be catching our flights back to Australia. With all the excitement in the news regarding the A380s, it will be interesting to see if we actually depart on time.

Oh, we found Twisties. They're called Fonzies! Ayeeeeeee!

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