Sunday, March 6, 2011


Astro at Xmas, 2010.
It's high time I introduced Astro, our pet poodle cross American cross English spaniel, commonly referred to as spoodles or cockadoodles, depending on which side of the pond you're on.

We've had him since shortly before Xmas 2010.  Back then, he was a tiny 3kg, and a little ball of fluff.

Astro is lots of fun, but also a lot of hard work.

We go to Urban Dog Training.  So far, we've done Urban Puppy School and Urban Advanced Puppy School. He just graduated from his Advanced Puppy School today, but we've got to do a make up class tomorrow night, because we missed a class two weekends ago.  Today we started training in High Fives and Roll Overs using shaping.  We're going to enroll him in the next available Clicks and Tricks, which will be fun for him, and help us all do learning via shaping.

At night, Astro sleeps in a soft crate.  He takes a little while to settle, but once he's down, he's down.  Especially if he's been for walks or play groups.  I get the lucky job of staying up at late as possible to give him regular bathroom breaks.  I say lucky, because Annika gets to wake up early and let him out.  He's getting a lot better about holding on to his business until he can get to some place he's allowed to do it.

Astros' "uncle" lives next door as our back neighbour.  His name his Harvey, and one of his brothers from another litter is Astros' dad.  Harvey and Astro often have play dates together.  Sometimes Harvey is the fun police, but it takes a lot of energy to keep up with a boisterous puppy.  We've been surprised at how good Harvey is with him, because sometimes Harvey doesn't like to share.

We got Astro from Rivergum Designer Puppies.  We wanted to get a spoodle because of the lack of hair that they drop, and because Annika has dog allergies.  We really liked Harvey's nature as well.

We go to Greencross Vets for checks ups and vet stuff.  Moo Moo goes to the Brisbane Birds and Exotics for her vet stuff in the same building.

Today, he's a bit bigger, at 7kg.  Here are a couple of snaps of him, playing in the yard today.

A rare photo of Astro awake and still Because normally he's running around And making funny faces

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