Friday, March 25, 2011

Because 5.2 is the new 4.4 (follow up)

Just as a quick follow up from the previous Because 5.2 is the new 4.4 article.

Migrating to a VC9 Apache build ended up being a pretty simple thing to do.

Start with the initial VC9 Apache install from Apache Lounge, as recommended by PHP. Make sure you don't overwrite your VC6 build, if you still need it.

Then do the PHP 5.3.6 install.  For this, I didn't bother doing the web server setup, since I wasn't sure which installation of Apache it would end up modifying.

I then backed up the apache/conf directory, and copy the version from the previous apache version I was using for PHP 5.3.5 into the new apache install.  Then remember to update httpd.conf to point to the new PHP version.

I also did a compare of the php.ini files between PHP 5.3.5 and 5.3.6 using DiffMerge, so I could make sure all my major settings were the same, without missing out on any new directives that may have been introduced.

After that, I stopped and uninstalled the VC6 Apache build service, and installed the new VC9 Apache build service ("httpd -n wampapache2 -k uninstall" and "httpd -n apacheVC9 -k install", although that uninstall command will not stop the service before uninstalling it).

I'm sure many fun times will be had in the future when I start adding in the various PHP modules needed across the many projects I have, like Firebird, MS SQL, etc.

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