Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maximum Compatibility My Ass

I'm looking at a welcome email I've been sent, for a website I need to join up for work related stuff.

In there is this notice, slightly modified to protect the website identity:
Please be advised that has been designed to operate with Internet Explorer being the software of choice.  Therefore to ensure maximum compatibility, please do not try and access via another Web Browser i.e. Safari or Mozilla Firefox
Have I mentioned how much it shits me when I see notices like this?

Maximum compatibility is when the website works on all browsers, not just that one that will support that nifty mouse over thing that you couldn't get to work anywhere else.

Perhaps "Therefore to ensure the website actually works, please do not..." would be more appropriate.

I'm sure it's just a throw away statement, anyway.  The primary users of the website are probably still running IE6 or IE7 on Windows XP machines anyway, and it's only pure luck that it still works under IE9, and would probably work just fine under Safari, Firefox and Chrome, if it wasn't for a Javascript or server side agent check that deliberately fails processing for any browsers other than Internet Explorer.


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