Thursday, June 23, 2011

I like the old stuff better than the new stuff

I've been listening to a few of my old favourites on my iPod, but there are a few tunes that never made it back on to the iPod after the great crash of 2008 ( or was it 2009, hard to remember).

Anyway, I went downstairs this evening and raided the CD collection, in search of a few other old favourites.

For my listening pleasure, the following will be ripped into my iTunes library, if not placed on the pod before the night is done.

  • Dinosour Jr, Where You Been
  • Prodigy, Fat Of The Land
  • Rage Against The Machine, self titled
  • Soundgarden, Superunknown
  • Eels, Beautiful Freak
  • Custard, Loverama
  • Live, V
  • Custard, We Have The Technology
  • Custard, Weisenheimer
  • Triple J Hottest 100, Volumes 1 to 5

The Triple J ones might not make it on the the pod tonight. I like to do a rename with collections like that, so they appear as TripleJ in the artist list, but have the artist in the song title. 10 CDs with usually 16 songs a disc is a lot to go through.

I still need to track down Eels, Daisies of the Galaxy and A Perfect Circle, Thirteen Steps. I used to own Powderfinger, Odyssey #5, but I think that took up residence somewhere else.

One day, the whole of the collection will make it back on to the pod.  I better remember to make a proper back up of it this time.

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