Monday, July 11, 2011

Meeces to pieces

Some one get me a cup of concrete.  I need to HTFU.

We found mice in the house on the weekend, so I purchased a couple of traps on Sunday.  Having pets already, getting traps that poison wasn't something I wanted to get.  I've seen the effects of RATSAK on a cat, and it's not pretty.  I don't want to inflict that sort of pain on a mouse, either.

So I got one of those live capture traps.  There's a ramp or two that let the mouse go in, but they don't get to leave.  Apparently, these traps will catch up to 10 mice at a time.  We've also got the ultra sonic emitters, too, but apparently they're a bit useless, since mice get used to all sorts of annoying sounds.

On Sunday night, we caught the two that were inside.  Here's hoping it was the same two from Saturday night, anyway.

And then tonight (Monday), I inspected the trap I laid downstairs.  It's a fairly open area, so the presence of mice is not surprising.  The more I think about it, the presence of mice down there is a given.  Anyway, four of the little buggers.

My release method is a little naive.  I go to the front of the driveway, and let them out.  Hopefully, they become someone else's problem.  More than likely, they'll just make their way back to my place.

I did see an article for a trap that involved a string on a stick, over a bucket of water.  I'm not plused about drowning either, but it beats prolonged agony of poison, and is a bit more permanent that catch and release (unless I drive them a distance down the road).

Anyone got any practical experience with live mouse disposal?


  1. The humane trips will work and be incredibly successful but putting them at the end of your drive is basically totally pointless.
    You need to put the trap in your car and drive a fair few miles and then deposit them.
    Seriously, drive a fair way. The end of your driveway is pointless.

  2. The next batch, I took to a park down the street. Nightmares have ensued (