Thursday, May 8, 2014

Moving House Sucks

Sometime at the start of 2013, we decided that the house we lived in was no longer suiting our needs, and that we would need to find a bigger place.  So we starting fixing the house up for prepare for sale.

In mid 2013, we still had quite a lot of work to complete on the house, before we felt it would be ready to put on the market and fetch the best price.  My wife also entered the work force, but was working on the other side of the city.  Driving late at night, on the highway, with the young'un was inviting disaster.

So after a year of work on the house, including painting and landscaping, we were finally ready to sell.  All the stuff we really didn't need for a while went into portable storage.  In December 2013, the house went on sale, and a good offer was made from that first weekend.  So we took it, and settled in mid January 2014.

Then the hunt was on to find a place on the north side.  When we settled, we moved. We moved to the in laws.  Not ideal, but was better that finding a short rental.

After a few months of searching, we finally found a place at the right price.  The house was actually one of the first places we saw in January, however the price was out of our league.  We had notices that the estate agents were putting the prices at $50K over what we'd other consider.  How could we tell? Because we'd look at the place, then after two or three weeks of being on the market, it would drop by $50K.  Same too, with the place we ended up getting.  It actually dropped $65K before getting to a price where we could put an offer on it.  Then after negotiations, it worked out that the price was $50K below the original asking price.

Anyway, here we are.  All moved in, but still moving in.  I probably won't consider us fully moved in until there are no more boxes to be unpacked, and both cars can fit in the double garage.  Once that's done, then we can also finishing painting the inside of the house.  It's just gloss enamel skirtings and a top coat for the tiled area, but it feels like "too hard" basket, at the moment, especially with the dog and toddler, who are unlikely to let me get on with it while they're awake.  At least I can put one of them outside or in the sleeping crate.  What to do with the dog? What to do, what to do...

Over the course of the last year, with the house selling and the house buying and the raising of the toddler, this blog has been neglected.  Yep, it's kind of one of those posts.  Not the post were I promising to blog more frequently, just the "hey, still here doing stuff" kind.

We also had a little family loss last year.  Our cockatiel, Missy Moo, or Moo Moo, as we would call her, developed a heart condition that was severely impacting her quality of life.  We had to put her down. It was quite sad. Addison still remembers Moo Moo, and has taken a special liking to the cockatiel at her day care.  She's one of the few, if not the only, toddler that will let the cockatiel sit on her shoulder while she walks around and pets it.

We also had a bit of a scare with the dog soon after.  A few scans and a very expensive vet bill later, the cardiologist determined that Astro had a diaphragm flutter that would present itself in situations of stress.  And that stress was the stress of moving, and living with in laws.  Now he has a doggy door, so he can let himself in and out as he pleases, and he hasn't vomited for quite some time.

So, that's been the year. Back later.

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